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LUTHER, MARTIN (1483 –1546)

Martin Luther was a German monk and religious reformer of the sixteenth century. He spent his early years at Eisleben in Germany. He received a good education, though he came from a poor family. In his career in theology, he entered Monkshood in the fall of 1506. His decision to enter monastic life was an extension of his deeply spiritual personality. He believed in the philosophy of Protestant faith that came to be known as ‘Lutheranism’. His greatest achievement was that he made the Bible accessible to the commoners.

Early Years

Martin Luther was born on November10, 1483 at Eiselben in Germany. His ancestors were peasants, and his father worked in the copper mines around Mansfield. His father wanted him to become a lawyer when he grew up and so Luther enrolled in a course of law after completing his studies. But all of a sudden he decided to enter a monastery, later explaining the decision as resulting from a series of close brushes with death that had occurred then, which made him seek God’s protection.

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