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GENGHIS KHAN (1167-1227)

Genghis Khan was a great Conqueror and established Mongol Empire. From his early years, due to mythical signs at birth, his tribe used to believe that he is destined to become great man. He started his career as a soldier and fought a series of inter-tribal wars. Genghis Khan was a fascinating personality for historians, and by his genius and achievements he is recognized as the great co conqueror the world has seen after Alexander the Great.

Early Years

Genghis Khan was born on the banks of the Onon River, near the present day border between North Mongolia and Southeastern Russia. He was the son of Yesugei, a local chieftain of the Mongol tribe, who was nephew of the former 'Khan' or ruler of the Mongols. His ancestry is traced back many generations to a mythical union of a gray wolf and white doe and legends speak of a clot of blood appearing in the new born infant’s hands that portended his great future as a conqueror. Yesugei named his son Temuyin after a Tartar (a rival tribe) chieftain whom he had taken prisoner at the time of the child's birth. At the age of nine, Temuyin was betrothed to a 10-year-old girl Borte, who was the daughter of chief of the Konkirat tribe. Yesugei left his son with his future father-in-law, and was travelling home when he fell prey to a group of Tartars, who seeing their old enemy poisoned him. Yesugei lived long enough to reach his encampment and appoint Temuyin as his successor. After Yesugeis' death, his tribe deserted his wife and family and they were left to fend for themselves.

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