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CURIE MARIE (1867 – 1934)

Marie Curie was a recipient of Nobel prize for physics in 1903. She was born into a very poor family and from early years of her childhood she had to earn her living by working for a wealthy family and later taking private tuitions. She went to Paris for her higher education. She started her teaching career after obtaining Ph.D. She possessed a personality of great endurance and sacrifice. Her philosophy in life guided her to become not only a Nobel laureate but also earned name as a noble woman. She was rewarded for her achievements in discovering radium and for writing a treatise on radioactivity.

Early Years

When Curie was born, Poland technically did not exist. At the end of the eighteenth century the country had been divided up between Russia, Prussia and Austria; the part she lived, in1867, was a province of Russia. Following two desperate and bloody uprisings, in 1830 and 1863, Poland went under Russian control and polish was taught only as a foreign language. Curie used to dream going to Paris for studies and to become a doctor. She used to save money for that purpose from her earnings through private tuition as well as during her work as a governess for a wealthy family.

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